Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Under Where?" is Available - and Worthy of the Accompanying Hoopla

I'm taking a break from writing alone this week, and thought I'd let my kiddos help out.  They want to share with you their thoughts on the new Slugs & Bugs CD that was just released by Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson.  I must confess:  although we have five children, I'm not typically a big fan of children's music.  Perhaps it started with the big purple dinosaur, but over time, I've become increasingly finicky about the music that fills our home (and car).  I'm not even sure that my youngest has ever heard "Wheels on the Bus" or "B-I-N-G-O" all the way through.  I know.  Sad.  But I digress.

So why the post dedicated to a children's CD?  So glad you asked.

The best music, like the best books, tells the truth about who we are, who God is, and the situations that we face in life.  A well-written song assures us that we are not alone in the feelings we experience.  It can provide comfort, insight, or much-needed levity.  The effect of music on people can be astounding.  The same is true for our children and the culture of our families.  Music can bring us together, give us a "secret language" between family members, and influence the tone in our homes.   Slugs & Bugs tells the truth about the everyday experiences that children have (losing pjs, wanting to help, finding a hole in a sock, getting angry).  It speaks truth about who they are, and about who God is.  It's refreshing, unbelievably clever, but somewhat addictive.

If you're not familiar with Slugs & Bugs, here's a sample of what you're missing.  This recording, produced by our own bears, surfaced unexpectedly early one morning.   And to think that we blamed goblins and feechies for all of the ruckus the night before.

In the the words of the ones whose opinions matter most:

Caroline (7yrs):
"I like the Slugs & Bugs CD because it's funny, and it gets stuck in my head so I can always sing it.  My favorite song is the pajama song because when the person can't find his pj's, he says 'Gotta find my mama, someone call Obama.'  That's my favorite part."

Sam (10 yrs):
"I really like the Mexican Rhapsody song.  It's very fun, energetic, and it even made my dad dance.  Be careful, because 'cheese dip' easily gets stuck in your head."  

Will (12yrs):
"My favorite song is the Ninja song.  I like the music because it's fast-paced, and the words are clever.  It makes me think of kids pretending to be ninjas.... although I'm too old for that now."

My boys are surprisingly offended by the potty song.  Peculiar.  I'm pretty sure they're actually uber-impressed that you can sing about such things.

Like a baby box with carefully stored booties and special blankets, I have within my heart a place to safeguard the cherished icons representing my children's childhoods.  Included among those treasures are Charlotte's Web, The Chronicles of Narnia, Rescue Heroes, Star Wars Legos, Robin Hood, various weapons, American Girl dolls, and Slugs & Bugs.  Go ahead and  buy more than one - you'll want to have them on hand for Christmas and baby gifts.

You can order "Under Where?" here.  Enjoy.

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Alyssa said...

I love that you included your kids' quotes. So insightful and funny! I just finished downloading the album and will be trying it out on my kiddos before the day is over. I share your pickiness regarding kids' music, as well as your love for Slugs & Bugs. Just one more thing we have in common. :)

Really, if you are ever near Louisville, Ky, we should get together.